Tips for a Successful Summer

Though summer is great time to engulf in relaxation and spend time with friends, the summer months can be a great way to stay on top of career goals and work towards future aspirations as well. Here are some recommendations you can incorporate this summer to help you as you inch towards your aspirations:

  • Apply for an internship or part –time jobs: Internships and part-time jobs are an excellent way to obtain skills necessary for your future. While it is great to relax and go on a rewarding vacation after a semester of hard work, preparing yourself for the job market after college will be conducive to meeting career goals. Internships and part-time jobs will help in obtaining experience, building network, and so much more. JasonQuest is a great source to consider for your job or internship hunt.
  • Job Shadow: Job shadowing is a great opportunity for students as it offers them an opportunity to obtain a glimpse into what their prospective field requires and expects. Job shadowing provides exposure to the workplace and can be helpful if you are still deciding which field you would like pursue.
  • Conduct research: Participating in undergraduate research expands your academic experience. The benefits of taking part in research are endless. When you participate in undergraduate research, not only do you get to work closely with a faculty mentor but you receive the opportunity to enhance your understanding and knowledge of your academic field, while clarifying your academic, career, and personal interests.

Finally, I encourage you to stop by UWF’s Career Service where we can offer you guidance and answer any questions you may have on obtaining a job and internship and how to get started with a resume.


Judy Cholymay

The time is now!

Greetings Argos,

The semester is winding down and I’m here to remind you to utilize all of your career resources.

Make yourself as marketable as possible this summer by visiting our offices before tackling applications for summer jobs. Whether you think you need help or not, a little extra advice could never harm you.
Our resume and cover letter appointments and drop-ins are very useful. In the appointment, you get to sit down and get constructive critiques to make your resume/cover letter more marketable.
Yes, mock interviews are still a thing. They’re also a thing you don’t want to miss out on. The competition for part-time positions this summer is steep, per usual. Give yourself that little extra bit of confidence by practicing with someone from our lovely staff.
Going home for the summer? No problem! Schedule a LinkedIn appointment to better your networking skills and introduce yourself to the web. Networking could be the key factor in deciding the best candidate for the job.
If you need help in job-searching, we’re your pal! Our job-search appointments are proven to be very effective, schedule one today.
These are only a few of our services. Please come in and see us for all your career needs.
See you soon Argos,
Kierra Silas, Career Peer

Spring Cleaning: Social Media Edition

Hey Argos,

With summer around the corner many of us will be in pursuit of summer jobs and internships. Social media has taken over many of our lives, but are we representing ourselves the right way? Below are three reasons why you should clean up your social media accounts.

  1. Representation: Have you ever heard the phrase representation is key? Well it applies to social media as well. When employers and recruiters are checking out your social media you want to be sure that you are represented well.
  1. A picture can say a thousand words and so can a status post: What you post on social media can be viewed in various ways by various people. Many of us do not ponder our decisions when it comes to posting, so you may have a few that do not illustrate you in the best light. Start by deleting a few unruly post each day until you have cleaned them up fully.   
  2. You never know who is watching: Even if your account is set to private, employers are still able to find ways to see the content you post. Instead of apologizing and explaining yourself later on. It would be best to avoid the situation all together. Start by taking this spring to clean up your social media!  


Nail The Interview!

Quote of the week: “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” –Arthur Ashe

Hello fellow Argos!

Today’s topic is about interview preparation. Summer is right around the corner and for some of you; you are looking for an internship or job during the time. Below is a list of top 10 tips to help you in preparing for that upcoming interview:

Tip #1 Research the job

Make sure to research the job in order to address the specific needs, mission, and purpose of the company. Take time to go on their website and other social media pages to see the most recent events within the company. Through researching the company, you will be able to gear your background and experience towards what the company is looking for.

Tip #2 Prepare for questions you did not find in your search process

By doing your research in advance, you will be able to make targeted questions that can help set you apart from the generic questions they may hear in the interview process. You want to try to have at least three to five questions prepared in advance.

Tip #3 Familiarize yourself with the location

            Especially if you are not from the area, scouting out the area by finding parking spots will help you not rush on interview day. We highly recommend arriving at the interview location 10-15 minute early than on time. As the saying goes, to be one time is to be late, and to be early is to be on time.

Tip #4 Make eye contact and know their name

            When you first meet with the interviewer, make sure to give a firm handshake and look them in the eyes. Make sure though that your handshake is not overpowering or weak. When you first meet with them, listen to the pronunciation of their name. If you are interviewed by, a group try to write or remember each interviewer’s name (for the thank you letter).  Always address them by Mr. or Ms.

Tip #5 It is alright to ask them to repeat their name a second time

Especially if a group interviews you or if the hiring manager’s name is unique, you can ask them to repeat. Most employers understand if you did not catch their name, and it is better to address it initially than to never ask them to repeat and not send them a thank you letter.

Tip #6 Be honest about your experience and abilities

            Hiring managers want you to be open and upfront with them about your abilities. It is worse to over exaggerate your skills and the hiring manager find out later. Not being honest upfront may lead to being fired later on. In addition, you may find yourself overwhelmed with a task, because you were not properly trained in the field.

Tip #7 Know what the next steps are

            Make sure you ask them what the next steps are in the hiring process. By asking in advance this will help you in order to help you plan and prioritize your schedule to find out when you will either be called back for another follow up interview, or if you will be notified of the employment timeframe and when you will be required to start work.

Tip #8 Ask for business cards

            Towards the end of the interview, you want to ask to get their contact info or business card in order to send follow up letters (aka-thank you letters).

Tip #9 Firm farewell handshake

            As with the intro, you want to end confidently. Make sure to end confidently and make an impression of your professionalism.

Tip # 10 Thank them for their time

            Crucial in the interview is to thank them for their time and consideration. Thank each individual your interviewed you for taking their time to meet with you. Let them know that you plan on following up and that you look forward to hearing from them.

Tip # 11 Send thank you letters

            We highly recommend following up with each individual who met with you are by mailing him or her a handwritten thank you letter. Remind the hiring manager who you are. Refresh them one what was covered during the interview and mention any information you forgot during the interview. Feel free to check out our Career Development Guide by clicking HERE for what to include in thank you note (see page 31).

Lastly, treat yourself to the movies or ice cream! You finished your interview 😀

If you need any assistance with preparing, we offer Mock Interview Appointments. Feel free call our office at (850) 474-2254 to schedule a time that works for you!

Until next time,

Allee Millsap

Networking Letters: 101

In today’s world regardless of the field you enter, many of your aspirations and career pursuits will be inspired or built upon the professional relationships you have. Your job search will be most effective if you have connected and have made efforts to expand your network. A networking letter will be conducive to you as you prepare for job search, as this letter’s focus is not to request for a job, but to request their assistance in your job search by connecting you with people or opportunities.

You will want to be very professional in your letter. Business formatting is recommended for formality. Make sure that you distinguish the person whom you are reaching out to by referring to them by name. The following is an example of what should be included in a networking letter:

Dear Ms. Little,

(Objective) Example: I am very interested in gaining insight on a career in the finance department.  I am writing to colleagues, and professional leaders whose opinions, insights, and advice I value to learn more about this process and accumulate guidance.

(Highlight Key Strength/ Do so without repeating your resume) Example: improving services, generating revenue, saving money.

Your letter should be as concise as possible. Ask for the reader’s help, highlight your strengths and express your thanks.

(Ask for information) Example: I would be very appreciative for your review of my enclosed resume. If you have any insight as to where I should direct my job search or advice during this process, please feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555. I appreciate your input and advice.


Jane Doe

Once you have completed your letter, continue to network and build connections. The outcome of doing so will work in your favor as you accumulate knowledge to aide in your growth. If you should have any questions on networking, building professional career based letters please stop by Career Services!



Stay LinkedIn!

I, myself, was guilty of not having a LinkedIn profile until just recently. I now see the benefits of having an account. It aids in growing your network. Though networking may not seem like a big deal right now, you will reap the benefits of it in the long term.

LinkedIn is very user friendly and easy to use. Setting up your account is very simple. After the account is created, simply send the invite to all your contacts and begin growing your network. LinkedIn is basically your professional profile. You brand yourself to the best of your abilities and begin getting endorsements on the skills you possess. The fun thing about LinkedIn endorsements is it takes you back to the good old days where you liked pictures for pictures, endorsements work the same way.

Add your skills, organizations and abilities to your profile and watch the endorsements flourish. Watch your network grow.

LinkedIn gives you the ability to draw connections with many people whether you know them or not. It gives you the opportunity to connect with alumni from the university, old employers, and even past professors. This alone means that you are given the chance to market yourself to the highest degree and have people to vouch for you.

LinkedIn also has a jobs tab. This is super helpful. You’re able to view available jobs within your career field and even across the map. So, if you are trying to relocate, no problem. LinkedIn can help.

Connecting and contacting others via LinkedIn is very simple. You can easily contact users to either ask about their career or even just gain knowledge.

Don’t stray away from creating the LinkedIn profile. After all, having a LinkedIn account pop up when employers google your name is far more professional than your old Myspace page.

When and doubt, ask for help! Call Career Services at 850-474-2254 today to set up a LinkedIn appointment.


Kierra, Career Peer


Networking and Making Your College Experience Worth It: 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Spring Career Showcase

Hey Argos, I hope you are having a wonderful spring semester!

With summer right around the corner, many students are thinking of opportunities that can lead them to success in their future careers. Why not attend the spring career showcase. Below I will give you three great reasons as to why you should attend the event.

  1. Learn How to Network

Networking has become a crucial skill in the workforce. Many who land opportunities are acquired as a result of networking. Attending the spring career showcase will allow you to begin to practice networking. So put on your best business formal fit, come to career services to get your resume reviewed, and head over to the career showcase.

  1. See what employers are looking for

Far too many of us miss out on opportunities because we are not keen on what skills employers are looking for. Attending the spring career showcase will allow you to meet directly with employers and see what is needed in the workforce. Anyone can benefit from this, whether you’re a freshman or senior these skills are likely to land you an opportunity.

  1. Gauge what types of opportunities are out there.

Many of us plan our future careers by gauging what opportunities are currently out there. By coming to the career showcase you will be able to see firsthand what positions employers are looking to fill.

There you have it, three reasons why you should attend the career showcase. All majors and classifications are welcomed and I strongly encourage you to have your resume reviewed. The spring career showcase is two days long starting March 1st at 1 pm, I hope to see you there!


Kabria Shelley

(see the link for more details:  event details )

Success After School

Hello fellow Argos!

Planning what to do after college can be daunting, but Career Services is here to help! Like some of you reading this, I too am about to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree. This is an exciting milestone in life! If you are planning to step into a career field straight out of college, today’s topic is for you. Here five motivational advice points that I believe will help you as you step into a new chapter in your life. In addition, I have included Career Service’s Job Search Checklist as a PDF so you can download it to help you accomplish your job goals.

1 – Work hard and be kind

Yes, I intentionally made a Disney reference. (For any of you Disney fans, I thought you would appreciate it!). Although this is simple, living each day working harder than your peers can be a challenge. Success requires blood, sweat, and tears. If you endure and work at challenging yourself each day you will find you are capable of things you never thought you could do. The second part of this quote is just as important. Not only should you be kind in order to have friends, but also by being kind, you will be able to grow. When you are kind and considerate to those around you, people will be more willing to help you succeed.

2 – Find a mentor and good peer group

As I mentioned, working with others will help you to grow. One way you can grow in your field is to find a mentor and successful peer group. Find individuals that you respect and admire professionally. You should aim to have people in the same profession as you. Ask them for advice, and see if they would be willing to mentor you. This person can challenge you to think about issues you may not have considered previously. There is an unknown saying that you are the average of whom you spend your time with, so spend it wisely! This is good reminder to surround yourself by hardworking and dedicated people to help you emulate their behaviors.

3 – Stay humble

Almost everyone starts at an entry-level position. Do not become complacent. Instead, challenge yourself to expand and go beyond what is required for that position. By having a Cinderella attitude, you will be able to learn, grow, and develop.

4 – Have a positive outlook

They say trying to find a job is working a full time job. Keep persisting and have a positive outlook. Practice each day writing positive attributes of what you are looking for. Keep enduring the race.

5- Do not be afraid to fail

As the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Never give up on your dreams. Keep challenging yourself and never take a moment for granted. Remember never to be afraid to step out into the water and get wet. Get involved in your community. Make new connections. Overall, remember that Argos finish strong! Graduation is right around the corner.


Allee Millsap

Below is a great checklist of steps to take during your job search process after graduation:


Attend a Meet and Greet & Learn About New Opportunities For Success


Hello Argos,

I hope you all are transitioning well into the semester and New Year. There are a couple of Meet and Greet events that I would like to bring to your attention.  Meet and Greets are especially important for undergraduate students as they provide an outlet for students to learn about new opportunities that can serve a powerful role in maximizing their skills for their future ahead. I encourage all of you, to take advantage of these special events, as not only can they help you with networking but also building your professional portfolio.

The Washington Center 

2/6: 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. (Career Services – Small Conference Room)

The Washington Center (TWC) will be having an information session for students to learn about internship programs and academic seminars in Washington D.C. The TWC allows students to become more competitive for entry-level employment to prepare for lives of achievement, engagement, and leadership.

Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance

2/15: 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  (College of Business, 76 A)

Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance seeks to employ highly capable and motivated individuals who share our commitment to provide appropriate risk management solutions to customers. Their internship program allows students to gain more knowledge of the insurance industry.

Big Kahuna Water Adventure Park 

2/21: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Commons Concourse)

Big Kahuna located in Destin, Florida is looking to fill positions such as Lifeguards, Cashiers, Cooks, Landscapers, Admissions, and more.

Enterprise Rent a Car

2/23: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Military & Veterans Resource Center, Bldg. 38)

Enterprise is looking to fill a Sales Management Trainee & Sales Management Trainee Internship (summer) position. If you are graduating soon, this is an excellent opportunity to begin your job search.

Insight Global

3/2: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (College of Business (Bldg. 76 A) Room 215)

Insight Global is a national staffing and services company that specialized in sourcing information technology, accounting, finance, and engineering professionals. This company is doing pre-screening of candidates. Interested students must upload resumes by Feb 16 (11:59 pm.).

Until Next Time,

Judy Cholymay

Have employers approaching you!

Hey, Argos!
Are you tired of traditional career fairs? Tired of having to go from employer to employer? Well, you are in luck! On February 8th, Career Services is holding the Fourth Annual Reverse Career Fair! This event invites student organizations to host tables, while employers come to you with their questions.
This change of pace can work out great for students, as there is no longer the worry of asking too many questions. Now, it’s your turn to answer as employers ask about you! The Reverse Career Fair will take place February 8th from 5:30-6:30 PM in the Commons Grand Ballroom. Be sure to register your student organization today so you can host a table, and watch as employers all come to you!
James Wiggins, Oracle Resource Coach