Major Exploration? Are you struggling in choosing a great major that fits you?

Hi Everyone,
I hope your last ten days of your Spring semester are going well. I know that it can get stressful but it’s important to know that we are all in that same place. You aren’t unique in your feelings of being stressed, tired, and anything related.

Some of you may be confused as to what major to choose for your college career and your desired career path. Once again, these feelings are very common. Career Services is offering a 1-credit and 3-credit Major Exploration Course to help you understand more about yourself so that your declared major fits what you would like to do. There is exploration of your values, interests, personality, and skills. Several students have found this class to be very helpful. Some of you may have already chosen a major but it is no longer working for you…check out this class! It is in the course catalog so go ahead and get registered. You don’t want to be left out!!!

Thanks, Katie

Use Optimal Resume!

Hello Argos,

I’m here to tell you what you need to know about a new addition to the Career Services list  of resources, Optimal Resume.

What is Optimal Resume?

Optimal Resume is a web-based application that assists students with creating, presenting, and managing resumes. Resumes are an essential element of the job search process.  This software gives students access to the knowledge and tools they will need to take the next step in their careers.

Why use Optimal Resume?

Using optimal can ease the process of creating your resume. Optimal’s unique features and tools allow students to create a great resume! Additionally, using the online service allows you to create, edit, and manage your professional documents on your own time.

Should I use optimal instead of the Career Services office?

You may use either or both of the services provided. We highly recommend that you create a resume through optimal and then schedule an appointment with our office to take a look at it. We want to ensure that you have the best possible resume!

How do I access and use optimal?

You can access optimal by going to > JasonQuest > Resource Library >Optimal Resume Folder > Click “Optimal Resume” > Create a new account

You can watch the instructional video through this LINK , and you are always welcome to stop by Career Services for a tutorial.

Questions? Just contact Career Services at (850) 474-2254 or or just stop by our office in building 19, north entrance!

Thanks for stopping by,

CP Diego

My reflection on Shotokan Karate and personal growth

We all have our hobbies. I enjoy my hobbies as they help me grow personally and professionally as well as relieve stress.

One of my favorites things to do is to practice Shotokan Karate. I started about 2 years ago and I have progressed into the intermediate/advanced level. When I first started, I was looking for an activity that would let me get physical exercise. I was immediately interested in karate after seeing a practice session at the UWF gym.

After I progressed, I realized that karate is not mainly for exercise… karate is actually a way of life. It has taught me much more about life and has changed me for the better. We “karatekas” have important morals to live by in and outside of the dojo. We show respect to others, seek perfection in our character, continue to be faithful, endeavor in whatever we do, and refrain from violent behavior. These values are to be held constant when practicing karate and when faced with life’s challenges.

A Hobby can help you relax or just give you a chance to be yourself. It can be whatever you want it to be. I am an advocate for finding a hobby as it has helped me greatly. So whatever your hobby or activity is, find one that will help you expand your horizons, grow professionally and personally, and relax from stress.

For instance, from practicing Shotokan Karate, I found that I had mental burdens and limitations that were self-imposed. Though these burdens are not tangible, they affected me a lot in my everyday life. Now that I am practicing Karate, I found that I have learned to get rid of those mental boundaries and open my mind to whatever comes my way. I also strive to seek perfection in my career and personal goals, and have expanded my network of possible connections in my field.

So be bold. Do something you love.Take time to do activities you have a passion for. Join an organization that can help you achieve your goals. It is up for you to decide.

If you are interested in taking Shotokan Karate, UWF has a course you can sign up for. I highly recommend it.

Reverse Career Fair

Hi all,

Welcome to Spring Semester! Our first event for this year will be the Reverse Career Fair! Sounds cool and it is :) What is it? Just like it sounds, the Reverse Career Fair has the employers coming to you. Student organizations will have the opportunity to set up tables in the conference center and tell the attending employers about their organization. Which means that you, as a student leader, will have the chance to impress employers with your professionalism and know how about your organization when they come to your table. Additionally, the set up of the Reverse Career Fair provides the opportunity to develop relationships with employers that could lead to a new community partnership between your organization and the company. Interested? The Fair will be held on Wednesday, February 5th at 5 pm in the Conference Center. See you there!




Welcome Back! Career Services 101

Welcome back to UWF, Argos!

I hope that your first few weeks back have gone swimmingly. But now that the semester is in full swing, you should be thinking about your career and professional goals. The Career Services office has been in full gear since the beginning of the semester, so make sure that you schedule an appointment soon! We have a wide arrange of services to offer students, and they are all free. If your needs involve finding an internship, volunteer opportunity, or a co-op then we can help you! Or if you need to practice for an interview, brush up on your networking skills, create or have your resume reviewed, or need help writing a cover letter, we can help as well. Additionally, if you’re still not sure what to do with your life (professionally of course), need help finding a major, or want to take a free personality test, we can provide those services! And lastly, if you want your club, organization, residence hall, or class to receive a great presentation on anyone of these topics then we can assist you. Make sure to also check out JasonQuest for upcoming career events! So as you can see, Career Services has a lot to offer and is open to all degree seeking students and alumni, so what are you waiting for? Make an appointment today and get a jumpstart…or a late start on your professional goals!

Take it easy,


Benefits of Volunteering after Graduating: PeaceCorps and AmeriCorps

Do you want to travel to another country and/or help in a community?

How about helping out in your local community and making a difference?

There are many organizations that need volunteers to do very influential work in poor communities in the United States and around the world. The PeaceCorps and AmeriCorps are some of the most influential that have good benefits after college. And the best part? It’s great experience.

PeaceCorps: Travel to almost any country of need through the U.S. government as a volunteer to assist a community in need with your expertise from your Bachelor’s Degree. The service is 2 years and many have said it is an experience they will never forget. You get a weekly stipend while serving and another stipend after you are done with your service that you can use to pay for student loans or graduate school. They have many different experiences for different specializations so look at the website for more information.

AmeriCorps: If you aren’t keen about leaving the U.S. there is always AmeriCorps, which is like the PeaceCorps except you are volunteering in the United States. You can apply in your area as well if you don’t want to leave home, but there are many options for different majors so check out the website.

There are many other programs that you can find which will allow you to volunteer in your area or around the world if you want to travel. Make sure to do some research to look for opportunities regarding your major. There are several volunteer organizations that would welcome any available help.

Get to volunteering :)

Setting up an unpaid internship

Internships are a great way to get experience in your desired career field and can be a plus when applying for jobs. However, some internships can be competitive because of the limited number of slots and available financial aid that the respective organization can give out. Many applicants will be sufficiently skilled in many areas which may also increase the level of competition between applicants.

If you need an internship for a class or are looking for experience without much competition, you may be better able to obtain the same experience from an unpaid internship. It is rather simple to set up this type of experiential learning. I recommend asking others (e.g., professors, employers, professionals) about available opportunities, especially in your desired field.

At a networking event, I met with recruiting interns from the State of FL and was able to set up a required internship for my GIS certificate. This department was looking for help with specific technical work. After I discussed about the internship requirements with the intern coordinator, I contacted my local department in Pensacola and sent in my resume.

Just like a paid internship, I was interviewed and given an overview of what tasks and learning outcomes the internship experience will entail. Keep in mind that, even if you are not getting paid anything, there are still valuable connections and skills to gain from an unpaid internship. I earned the internship and am now currently gaining and applying knowledge and skills learned from the classroom. It’s so worth it. :)

Job Opportunity!

Hey everyone,

Do you want to live and work on campus? Do you want great leadership and teamwork opportunities? What about free housing? If you said yes to any of these options, then maybe you should consider being a resident assistant. As a resident assistant, you live in a residence hall and work with the students who live there. You have a staff of other RAs and with them you enforce housing rules. But, more importantly, you build community through programs and other activities, as well as being there for your residents if they ever need you.

The RA position is a great opportunity. Not only will it help ease your debt in college (always a good thing), but it will also be an incredible thing to put on your resume because of the awesome leadership and teamwork skills you will gain.

If you are interested in applying, the link is here.

Have a great day!


A summer in…?

Hi everyone!

Christmas Break is almost here, so I am sure the last thing you are thinking about is next summer. But maybe you should! Have you ever considered studying abroad? The summer is the perfect time to do this since it won’t interfere with your classes or your jobs during the school year. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin to think about what you might want to do, or where you might want to go:

1. Start planning now. Applications for the summer usually open up in the beginning of spring, but some programs not affiliated with the school start much earlier.

2. Think about summer credits. If you want to knock out your nine required summer hours, make sure the credits from your experience will transfer to UWF credit. If you choose a program with UWF or another Florida university, you should get credit.

3. Explore your options! UWF and associated Florida schools have incredible opportunities. However, don’t limit yourself to these options. Rather, try and brainstorm what you really would love to do, and find a program to fit your needs. There are even programs who help design your study abroad experience, along with custom internships.

4. Attend a “study abroad information session.” The dates and times for these sessions are posted on the UWF study abroad website here.

5. And finally, schedule a meeting with Sara Brake, the Program Manager for study abroad, who will be able to present you with more options and begin your application process once you have selected a program.

Happy Thanksgiving and even happier travels!


Fall 2013 Wrap up

Hey there friends!

This fall semester has been a GREAT one for us at Career Services. We’ve helped so many students and have also put on many successful events. You might remember some of them, such as the Part Time Job Fair or the Business Career Expo! If you were able to make it out to any of the events, we certainly hope that you found it both beneficial and enjoyable. If you didn’t attend one of the events, then let me just say…it’s OK! We have a great line-up of events for the spring that you can participate in. So do it!

Currently we have two major events being advertised on Jasonquest. The 2014 Spring Career Showcase as well as the 2014 Camp and Summer Job Fair! Both events are sure to be a huge success and will be of great benefit to students, so make sure that you’re out there! In the spring we will announce the rest of the events in the line-up so that you can get even more excited. Make sure to stay tuned in for more from Career Services!

Thanks for stopping by,

CP Diego