JasonQuest Info.

Hey Everyone! I’m here to tell you a little about JasonQuest. JasonQuest is a great resource for students to use. It has wonderful information about events, internships, co-ops, service hours and much more!

To start you can now log into JasonQuest through your myuwf account. Once you have logged in type “JasonQuest” into the search bar and the icon will pop up below. Then you click on the icon and you are now logged into your own JasonQuest account. It’s as easy as that!

To start under the “My Account” tab you are able to update your profile and check your documents, connections, and activity. Your documents include a place for your resume, coverletter, and any rubrics uploaded by Career Services after an appointment.

The second tab is “Employer Database.” This tab is extremely handy when you are searching for available positions at different organizations. When you click on it, a whole bunch of different organizations will pop up on the web page. To make your search easier there is a search bar for the organization and the city. Once you have found the organization you are interested in, click on the name. Then you will find a description of the organization and all of their contact information. This information really helps you narrow down your search and also makes the process quicker.

The next tab is the “Jobs” tab. This tab has information on open positions, coOps, internships, volunteering hours, and part-time/full-time positions. These searches are very similar to the employer search. Once you click on one of the sub-tabs you will be able to narrow your search, making it much easier to find something that you enjoy!

The next tab is for “On-Campus interviews” When we have employers come through the university we will be able to give you the tools to set up an interview with that employer at UWF. You will have the opportunity to send in your resume and schedule an interview time with the employer.

The last tab is the “Career Events” tab. This tab will give you all the information on the career oriented events taking place on campus. It always has great information about workshops, fairs, and presentations that will help coach you about how to help yourself prepare for a career.

Your Resource Library has many useful documents for you to use such as examples of cover letters and resumes, rubrics used at Career Services and much much more! It is definitely a wonderful resource to use to get started and to better your documents.

Another great source is the Favorites section. If you find something such as an employment opportunity that you are really interested in and want to come back to, just put it in your favorites section. All you have to do is click on the little star icon that will show up in the right hand corner of a section. Then ta-da! It is saved to your favorites section and it will save you the time of your search next time you are using JasonQuest.

Lastly, you can now log your community service hours through JasonQuest! All you have to do is click submit my hours and there will be a space for you to type in the event you were at and your point of contact for the event. Using JasonQuest for turning in your hours will now save paper and you will be able to always go back and check your hours on your account!

Well that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoy using your JasonQuest to help further your career goals! As always please come visit us in Career Services!


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